Terms and conditions for Shoppers

Terms and Conditions for the use of Anyday

These Terms and Conditions apply to all Users using Anydays installment service.

1. Definitions

Anyday, we, us, ours
Anyday A/S, CVR-no. 41140216, P.O. Pedersens Vej 2, 8200 Aarhus N
Anyday Agreement
The individual credit sale agreement between the User and Anyday
Credit Line
The amount that is made available according to the Anyday Agreement
excluding any additional costs
Contractual Basis
The User’s credit application, the Terms and Conditions, the Anyday
Agreement, and conditions for automatic card payments
First Installment
The first payment made after a new purchase with the Product as the
payment method
Monthly Installment
The part of the Utilized Amount that the User must pay monthly
Online Store
Any of Anyday‘s partnered online stores that offer payment with the
Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions that are provided in this document
the Amount Due
The total of Monthly Installments and attributed costs, if any
the Product
The installment payment solution provided by Anyday
the Utilized Amount
That part of the Credit Line the User has utilized deducted paid
installments and other payments
Total Balance
The sum of the credit sales as well as any additional costs deducted
paid installments and other payments
The consumer and physical person in this agreement that has entered
into an installment agreement with Anyday through the Product

2. Purpose

These Terms and Conditions apply between User and Anyday in regards to credit sale via the
Product. The Terms and Conditions in force at any time are available on www.anyday.io.

3. Use of the Product

By choosing the Product as the payment method in the Online Store, the User makes use of the
Product for paying the order in question. Anyday pays the purchase price to the Online Store on
behalf of the User.
The first time the User uses the Product, the User will be led through a sign-up process. The User
must enter their information for the use of credit rating, unique identification and payment. The
User shall enter their payment information, that will be kept for the initiation of future payments.
For Users who created their Anyday account between the 26th of October 2021 and 1st of January 2022,
the User may utilize the Credit Line in full for one single purchase at the first purchase. Further, and until
such User has paid off at least one automatic installment valued minimum 250 kr., the User may only
use the Product for purchases where the Utilized Amount does not exceed 10.000 kr. in total.
Upon consequential purchases the User verifies their identity, reviews and confirms the purchase..
The new payment plan will be visualized at every new purchase.

4. Credit application

The User must be of legal age, possess a valid payment card, Danish social-security number (CPR),
and be registered with a Danish address in the Danish national register.
Anyday conducts a credit scoring of the User. Anyday uses third-parties to assist in this process.
The User will be asked to provide information about their economy etc. The credit scoring will
result in the User being either approved or declined. The result of the credit scoring is solely
determined by Anyday.
In relation to a purchase, Anyday may at any time conduct and/or request the User to give
information for a new credit scoring. The result hereof cannot affect purchases already made but
may preclude or change the User’s usage of the Product.
Should the User request the use of the Product for a purchase that surpasses the amount Anyday
can offer the User, the User may be offered a credit agreement through a financing partner of
Anyday. Under such circumstances, Anyday is solely acting as a credit intermediary and cannot be
held accountable for the credit agreement and the following contractual relationship between the
User and such financing partner.

5. Contractual relation

Anyday is not responsible for the goods or services that are paid for with the Product.
Complaints and inquiries related to the goods or services must be directed to the Online Store.
Should the User fail to pay their Monthly Installment punctually, the User will be precluded from
using the Product as payment method for subsequent purchases. The User will be able to use the
Product as payment method when the Amount Due has been paid unless the User’s account has
been assigned for debt collection.
The Credit Line is personal to the User and is not to be used by others.

6. Payment terms

The User pays the Monthly Installment every month.
Anyday will authorize the First Installment on the Users payment card at each purchase. The First Installment will be finally withdrawn upon shipping of the goods from the Online Store, which also will be considered the due date of the First Installment. Following, the Monthly Installment will be paid with the last banking day as due date in each of the three following months. The Utilized Amount shall always be paid over three months, apart from the payment of the First Installment. Anyday is entitled to discretionary adjust the number of installments for new purchases.
The User accepts that Anyday can perform an automatic withdrawal on the Users payment card, in
accordance with the Conditions for automatic card payments.
The User must at any time have a valid and active payment card attached to their account. VISA,
MasterCard, and Visa/Dankort are all applicable. Withdrawal of consent for Anyday’s accessibility to
use the payment card for payments according to the Anyday Agreement, will be considered as a
significant violation of the Anyday Agreement in accordance with clause 11.
The User can manually make extra payments to cover the current month’s Monthly Installment and
the following months’ installments and/or to cover any additional costs. Such extra payments are
made via the User’s account in My Anyday.
Payments will be used for payments in accordance with the ANYDAY Agreement in this prioritized
1. Any late fees or collection fees.
2. Overdue Monthly Installments
3. Monthly Installment for the current month
4. Shortening of duration

7. Late payment

Should Anyday not be able to complete the automatic withdrawal of the Amount Due from the
subscribed payment card, for reasons caused by the User, Anyday will be entitled to charge late
fees and interests, and transfer the claim for collection in accordance with the applicable Danish
Interest Act. Anyday will try to contact the User via email and/or phone before a late fee process is
Should Anyday not be able to complete a payment of the Monthly Installment in the subscribed
payment card, for reasons caused by the User, Anyday will be entitled to withdraw the Amount Due
via NETS Betalingsservice. Any such payment will be a one-off occurrence and the User must make
automatic card payments available immediately hereafter.

8. Messages

Messages will be sent to the User via email, text message (SMS), or push-notifications via app.

9. Contact information and payment information

t is the User’s responsibility that their contact information including address, email address and
phone number is always updated and correct. Additionally, the User must make sure that the
information about the User’s payment card is always correct and updated, for example upon
expiration, change of bank, closed card, loss, or for any other reason. A new payment card will not
automatically be subscribed. Changes can be conducted in MyAnyday or by contacting
shopper@anyday.io. For safety reasons, payment card information should never be sent via email.

10. Changes

If a change is in favour of the User, Anyday can conduct such a change without notice. Otherwise Anyday can conduct changes with a 30-day notice unless a longer notice is required by law. Anyday can conduct changes in the event of regulatory changes or changes in measures taken by the authorities, to prevent significant changes in the regular interest level or due to product changes. Anyday may conduct changes in the User’s Credit Line in case the User demonstrates lack of solvency or willingness to pay (receipt of late fee), suspicious behaviour, or if a new credit evaluation gives cause hereto.
Upon Anyday’s notice of new terms the User is entitled to terminate the Anyday Agreement from
the date the changes take effect. Such termination will cause the Total Balance to be paid in full on
the day the termination takes effect.
Changes will be announced as described in clause 8.

11. Violation and abuse

In case the User violates the Anyday Agreement, Anyday may terminate the Contractual Basis
and/or preclude the User from further use of the Product. Termination will result in the Total
Balance to immediately fall due for payment.
The following circumstances are considered as violations of the Contractual Basis:

o The User evades payment or tries to do so;
o The User fails to comply with clause 9;
o The User has a due payment equivalent to 50 % or more of the Total Balance;
o The User has failed to pay one or more Monthly Installments on time and has, as a
result hereof, been charged one or more late fees;
o The User no longer fulfills Anyday’s internal demands for credit scoring or the User
does not participate in fulfilling Anyday’s obligations according to the anti money
laundering regulation;
o The User passes away;
o The User takes permanent residence outside of Denmark.
Should the User have a suspicion that their account is being abused by others, this must
immediately be communicated to shopper@anyday.io. At Anyday’s registration of abuse or
suspicion hereof the User’s account will be shut down and the matter will be reported to the police.

12. Cancellation

Withdrawing the purchase of the good or service where the Product has been used as payment
solution must be directed to the Online Store in question and will follow the rules of this Online
Store. The relevant amount will be refunded to the User’s payment card unless the User has an
Amount Due. In that case, the amount to be refunded will be refunded to the Total Balance until
the Amount Due is 0,00 kr.
The Contractual Basis can be cancelled without reason by notifying Anyday by email, phone, or
letter. The User may use the standardized cancellation form appended at the bottom of this clause.

The User must announce the cancellation of the Contractual Basis to Anyday within 14 days after
entering into the Anyday Agreement which is considered to be contemporary to the first purchase
made with the Product. Should the deadline expire on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day,
Christmas Day, or New Year’s day, the User may wait until the first-coming weekday.

As soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after the User has announced their cancellation of
the Contractual Basis, the User must conduct a payment of the Amount Due to Anyday.

Standardized withdrawal-form:
Att: Anyday A/S, P.O. Pedersens Vej 2, 8200 Aarhus N, shopper@anyday.io:
o Regarding purchase with Anyday on Online Store: _______________, on the _____, order
number _________:
o I hereby announce that I wish to use my right of cancellation in regards to my agreement of
deliverance of these goods/services: _______________
o Ordered on the ____, received on the: ____
o User’s Name: _______________
o User’s Address: ________________
o User’s Signature (only if delivered on paper): _______________
o Date: ________________

13. Assignation

Anyday can assign their rights and obligations in the Agreements to a third-party without seeking
consent from the User.

14. Processing of personal data

The User’s personal data is processed in accordance with Anyday’s privacy policy, which is available
at: anyday.io/gdpr/privacy-policy-shopper.

15. Choice of law and venue

Danish law applies unless mandatory User protective legislation in the User’s country of residence
demands otherwise.
The relation between the User and Anyday is not covered by a guarantee fund or scheme.

16. Complaint procedure

The User can submit complaints about the Contractual Basis to shopper@anyday.io. Should an
agreement not be reached, the User can submit complaints to the Center for Klageløsning,
Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg, Denmark. You may submit complaints to Center for
Klageløsning via “Klageportalen for Nævnenes Hus” (the Complaint Portal at the Danish Appeals
Boards Authority) available at: https://kpo.naevneneshus.dk
The User can also choose to submit complaints to the EU's online portal. The complaint can be
submitted at: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. Upon submitting a complaint Anyday’s email address must
be indicated as: shopper@anyday.io.

Conditions for automatic card payments

1. Scope

These Conditions for automatic card payments constitute an integral part of the agreement
between the User and Anyday.

2. Automatic card payment

The payment card the User has subscribed to their Anyday account is saved and subsequently used
by Anyday to conduct automatic card payments.
The First Installment and Monthly Installment are withdrawn from the User’s subscribed payment
card on the agreed due dates. Should it not be possible to withdraw the Monthly Installment on the
agreed due date, Anyday will initiate an automatic card payment on the 1st and 2nd of the
following month.

3. Rejection, objection, and withdrawal of consent

Anyday will send an email every month containing information about the current month’s payment
overview. Should the User wish to reject the payment (for example if the User considers the
amount to be incorrect) Anyday should be informed at shopper@anyday.io. no later than the day
before the agreed due date. Rejection of payment is considered a violation, according to clause 11
of the Terms and Conditions, unless the User has arranged the payment to be made punctually by
other means.
Objections to already completed payments can be directed to shopper@anyday.io Alternatively,
the User may contact their own bank/payment card provider.
The User has a right to withdraw their consent to Anyday’s continued use of the User’s payment
card for automatic card payment. Withdrawal is made on communication to shopper@anyday.io.
Withdrawal of consent is considered a violation, according to clause 11 of the Terms and
Conditions, unless the User has arranged the payment to be made punctually by other means.

4. Security

The User’s payment card information is registered and kept safely at a third-party that has been
approved by international security standards. Anyday only has access to the first six and the last
four digits of the card number, as these are required to identify the card that is subscribed to the
User’s Anyday account. Anyday keeps the card’s expiration date for the purpose of providing
support to the User and for informing the User via email before the expiration of the payment card.